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Strapless Push Up Bra

The Perfect Fitting Strapless Bra


Are you sick of uncomfortable strapless push up bras that dig into your waist causing unsightly bumps of folded flesh? Look towards Fine Lines’ range of strapless bras and strapless push up bras for lingerie that’s made for women by women. Our strapless bras are known for their outstanding fit and all encompassing support.

Why Should I Get Fitted?

The fit of your strapless push up bra is extremely important, not just for aesthetics sakes but for greater health implications. Wearing an ill fitting bra means that you’re not getting the support you need. Make an appointment to get fitted by Fine Lines’ stockists to ensure the perfect fit for your strapless bra.

Our experienced stockists will be able to give you a clear understanding of the band size, cup size and underwire support that is most suited to your frame. Book an appointment for a fitting.

Shopping Online?

Have a look at our standard measurement size so that you can gain an idea of what size to buy. Our measurement chart has bra sizes for Australia, the USA, UK, Europe and France.

Strapless Push Up Bras - Made In All Sizes

Fine Lines places a strong consideration on producing products that cater towards the wider Australian community. As an Australian designed and owned company our products come in sizes catered towards Australian women.

You no longer have to be consigned to boring cuts and dresses just because you’re well endowed! Find supportive strapless options in up to E-cups within Fine Lines’ collection. Browse our range today.